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What is Foster Care?

Fostering is a great way to help your community! Foster care families assist us by taking in one or more of our homeless animals and caring for them for them temporarily.  Cats or dogs are placed into foster care for one of several reasons, including:
- Kittens or puppies that need to be bottlefed
- Kittens or puppies that are too young to go up for adoption (less than 8 weeks of age)
- Nursing mother dog or cat and their litter
- Sick or injured dogs or cats that need time to heal in a less stressful environment
- Dogs or cats that are overstressed in a shelter environment
As a foster family, you can tell us what types of animals you feel comfortable working with.  If raising bottle kittens is your niche, we will contact you for assistance whenever we receive bottle-fed kittens. You just tell us what types of situations or what type of animals you would like to help out with, and we will contact you when your help is needed.

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