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BARN BUDDIES: Working Cats In Need of Homes

Have a rodent problem? You need a working cat!  These cats make ideal residents for farms, stables, barns, and other suitable locations such as garden centers, flower shops, wineries, and warehouses. These felines do a great job keeping the rodents, snakes, and bugs pest control! 

Did you know that nearly 100% of feral cats are killed at our local shelters because they are not socialized to humans? This is a depressing statistic that we need to change in our community. If you have a suitable property or inside environment that can accommodate a couple of cats, please let us know. These cats typically do best in pairs and stay to themselves. 

The cats are spayed or neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations. You would be responsible for providing daily food and water, shelter from the elements and long-term veterinary care. The cats will need a brief period of adjustment. Guidance and help will be provided during the relocation process.

The clock is ticking for these cats. To adopt, please contact us right away by completing a BARN BUDDIES: Working Cats Adoption Inquiry


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