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How to Trap a Cat

Congrats! So you want to trap a cat. That is great news and we have the tools and workshops to get you started. To give you some idea though, a brief overview of the steps are provided  below.  

Prepare - Trapping a cat is fun and rewarding however, it can be a challenge. Preparation and homework are key to a successful trapping session.

Coordinate - Another key is to coordinate all aspects of the trapping session with the people involved including the spay-neuter clinic, transporters, caretakers, and of course the trappers. It is critically important to trap only when you have surgery slots confirmed for the next day or the same day. Do NOT trap without appointments or when the clinic is closed the following day. 

Communicate - Once you have secured the surgery slots with the TNVR Director and/or the clinic, contact the caretaker and instruct them to withhold food for 24 hours. There are  exceptions to this however, these circumstances are handled on a case by case basis.

Prep - Next prepare your traps, supplies and materials. If you are trapping in the evening, get this gear ready by the afternoon. If you are trapping early the next morning, prep all your gear the night before. Make certain that you have smelly bait to use in the traps. There are many options including: Sardines, Mackeral, Rotisserie Chicken, Tuna, and Dry Kibble.

Arrive Early - Arrive to the trap site about 45-60 minutes ahead of feeding time to set up your traps.

Set Up The Trap(s) - Then, wait. Patience is a virtue. Some cats will come quickly and others will take their sweet time. It will depend upon how hungry they are.

Reassess - Rest assured that your trapping outing may not go as planned, but that is how you learn. Review how things went and make notes to improve for next time.

Detailed play-by-play instructions are availabe here in PDF format.

To learn more, please watch our videos below from our YouTube Channel.

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