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Dog Enrichment Ideas

  • What types of supplies are needed to help the dogs?

    For Safety, walks, and training: Martingale dog collars, leashes, soft muzzles, and yummy treats.

    For Comfort: Soft bedding, Kuranda-type beds.

    For Fun: Water bottles, plastic pools, Kong toys, food puzzles, interactive toys to play fetch and solo toys for alone time.

    For Distressing: Dog friendly music CD's, audio books, and calming collars.

    What Else? We are also happy to work with scout groups who would like to build Kuranda-type beds and agility obstacles for the play yard. 

    Have other ideas? Just let us know! Creativity is the name of the game!

  • It can't be just any music you like, it is what the dogs like! Check out this great information from Victoria Stillwell's website. It describes which type of music will have the best effect with decreasing anxiety in dogs. And, did you know that recent research indicates that audio books were quite helpful to the dogs as well!

  • Interactive games with you puppy or dog are essential in cultivating the human-animal bond and is so important in teaching proper social skills. This video is just one example of an activity you can try with a canine buddy.

  • Playing with your dog is simply one of those things you should do on a daily basis. We think that Victoria Stillwell is one of the best when it comes to teaching positive activities with your canines. Please take a look at one of her many videos below.

  • Did you know that teaching your dog a new skill or even how to play a fun game engages their brain? Yes, just as humans are supposed to learn something new each day, so should dogs! Once again, check out another one of Victoria Stillwell's great videos to learn something new to try!

  • is this simple! This video shows a great way to keep dogs happy for quite some time and it takes very little effort on the part of the human. A little effort can make a big impact!

  • Did you know that puppies have a critical social window where if their skills are not properly honed during that time, it can make or break their success later in life? Its true and foster parents and volunteers can have a big effect on setting that puppy up for a great life head. This short video demonstrates how to do things the correct way in the early weeks of puppyhood!

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