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Why Should I Spay / Neuter?

The Many Benefits of Spaying & Neutering

A part of being a responsible pet parent is to ensure that your animals is spayed or neutered. There are a couple of spay neuter clinics in our area that specialize in this procedure and we have them listed in our Community Pet Resources section for your convenience. In short, these surgeons are experts at what they do because this is all they do. The efficiencies in place at these clinics keep the costs much lower and that makes the surgery more affordable to the consumer. High-quality, low-cost services results in a win-win for your family, your pet, and our community.

While their are many positive reasons for having your pet altered, we've listed three important ones to consider.  

Three Key Reasons To Spay or Neuter Your Pet


    Spay/Neuter surgery helps reduce the number of stray and unwanted animals.  By decreasing the number of cats and dogs in Georgia's shelters, you can help us reach our goal of ending pet overpopulation and stopping senseless euthanasia by spaying/neutering your pet.


    Spay-Neuter surgeries help prevent aggressive behavior towards other animals such as, fighting and also puts and end to roaming and howling in search of mates. Tired of urine markings in dogs and spraying in cats? There is ample evidence to suggest that this is significantly reduced or eliminated after surgery.


    Spaying at an early age prevents diseases of the ovaries and infections of the uterus, which are major cause of illness in unaltered pets. Neutered dogs have fewer prostate problems and no testicular cancer. Kittens and puppies can be altered as early as 8 weeks of age or at 2 pounds. Did you know the kittens and puppies can become pregnant at 4 months of age?! Don't wait until its too late!

Read What The Experts Say

American Humane has done a great job with outline the benefits of spaying and neutering. American Humane - Benefits of Spay Neuter
Still need more convincing? Another local reference with down-to-earth info is Lifeline Animal Project - Why Spay Neuter? 

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