Wish List

Our Wish Lists

In support of our mission, here are a few of the items that are needed most.

Kittens' Wish List

Cats' Wish List

Puppies' Wish List

Dogs' Wish List

For the Office Wish List

  • Postage Stamps
  • Gas Gift Cards


Donations can be dropped off by appointment.  Please email Donate@wnp4u.org to schedule a convenient time.

If you prefer to buy items to directly support our programs, we have an Amazon Wish List for you.  Please search the email address for jenniferkline@wnp4u.org and just select which items you'd like to donate.  These will be sent directly to us at: 100 Commerce Dr #278, Tyrone, GA  30290.

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your support of the community!

Another great way to financially support us is to set your Amazon charity to Whiskers-n-Paws by clicking on the link below.  

  • The Clothes Less Traveled organization has invested $5,000 in our spay-neuter program to help dogs in Coweta County.

  • Whiskers-n-Paws’ Trap-Neuter-Return Program is proudly supported by the Petco Foundation.

  • The Georgia Department of Agriculture has invested $5,000 in our Spay-Neuter program to help the citizens of Coweta-Fayette Counties spay or neuter their owned pet.

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