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  • Our 2020 data is crunched and despite the Covid-19 shutdown of the spay-neuter clinics, 550 local cats were helped. Please take a look at the images to view the full lifesaving impact.

  • 61 Feral Cats Saved & Placed as Working Cats
    61 Feral Cats Saved & Placed as Working Cats

    Classified as "Feral" (wild), these cats have their own special category because they're deemed not adoptable to the public by the county staff at the shelter. And because of that, these cats will be euthanized unless we save them. Whiskers-n-Paws rescued 61 cats from the county shelter and placed them as working cats at 38 properties across 10 counties.

  • Petco Foundation Provides Lifesaving Support in 2020
    Petco Foundation Provides Lifesaving Support in 2020

    With a $3000 grant from the Petco Foundation, we were able to Trap-Neuter-Return 108 cats in Coweta County between July and October of 2020. WNP is grateful for their ongoing support of our efforts to spay-neuter and vaccinate the community cats in Coweta County, GA. Thank you!

  • Trap-Neuter-Return In Action
    Trap-Neuter-Return In Action

    Volunteers assisted residents throughout the year with many cat colonies numbering over 20 cats. While we enjoy trapping any community cat, we LOVE working the larger cases of ten or more cats because we know that we're making a HUGE, positive impact for that homeowner (or caretaker) and for the cats.

  • 740 Cats & Dogs Helped in 2019
    740 Cats & Dogs Helped in 2019

    We tip our hat to YOU! Yes, we truly want to thank YOU – our individual supporters and grantors – who enabled us to help 740 community cats and companion animals this year. None of this would have been possible without your financial support. THANK YOU!

    Grants: The Clothes Less Traveled, The Georgia Department of Agriculture, The Petco Foundation, and The Hope 4 the Almost Forgotten.

  • We are thrilled to be partnered with the Clothes Less Traveled who donated $5,000 to support our spay-neuter efforts for Coweta Canines.

  • The Petco Foundation has invested $2,500 to our Trap-Neuter-Return program to help community cats in Coweta-Fayette Counties, Georgia and support our lifesaving work.

  • It was a busy 2018 and are grateful for the support from our Coweta-Fayette supporters! Please click the link to view our 90 second year-in-review.

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