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Monthly Preventatives

Heartworm Preventative

Even though heartworm is a preventable disease, over 50 percent of the animals taken in at the Coweta County shelter test positive. We want to connect the dogs to the treatment resources they need to get well, and also to provide heartworm preventative for dogs that are free from disease. After all, the majority of these dogs live side-by-side outside on a daily basis and it just makes sense to provide heartworm protection to all the dogs in the care of the shelter while they await their forever home.

Visit the American Heartworm Society to read about heartworm, and how to protect your pet from getting this disease.

Flea & Tick Preventative

Just as important as heartworm prevention, it is critical that pets be placed on flea and tick preventives for their best health. There are many flea and tick-borne diseases that can adversely affect the health of pets, both short and long-term. It is simply more cost-effective and safer for the animal to practice prevention of these illnesses.

However, it is important for the pet owner to be aware that not all flea and tick products are equally effective and some may have safety issues if used on very young kittens and puppies. The safest method for week-old babies is to use a flea comb to locate and remove the fleas. Dipping the fleas into a soapy solution made from blue DAWN dishwashing detergent is a safe and effect means to kill those pesky fleas.

Visit the American Veterinary Medical Association for more information on safe use of flea and tick preventive products.

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