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Success Stories

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Listed below are testimonials from some of our Trap-Neuter-Return clients.  

  • K.D.

    At a loss of what to do, I'd found myself with 18 cats -- many of them kittens. A referral from a friend pointed me in the direction of WNP. In a two-day period, all the cats were trapped, "fixed", vaccinated and returned to my property. I can't thank WNP enough for the help they provided to us.

  • Newnan Mobile Home Park

    It only takes one family to move out and leave their unaltered cats behind before the community will be overwhelmed with cats. That's what happened to us and no-one here could afford to get any of the cats fixed. Whiskers-n-Paws worked with the local Humane Society and the HELP Spay Neuter Clinic and was able to trap the feral cats and get the friendly kittens and cats into an adoption program.

  • T.S.

    I live alone in a rural section of Coweta. Cats visit me all the time. One day though I suddenly had 13 kittens! My three mama cats all had litters days apart and 3 cats morphed into 16! Cindy came out and trapped the mamas and was able to get the 13 young kittens into a local rescue group so that they could be adopted.

  • Senoia N'hood

    We didn't know what to do -- there were cats everywhere! One of the neighbors learned about Whiskers-n-Paws while checking out at the Newnan PetSmart. Finally, we had a resource that could help us. Everyone in the neighborhood was happy once the TNR process was complete. All the bad behaviors stopped, no more fighting, and no more kittens.

  • W.T.

    I found myself overwhelmed with all the cats on my property. It started with just two cats and within one year I had over 20 cats that I was feeding. I had no idea that things could spiral out of control so fast. I didn't know where to turn for help until a friend informed me about Whiskers-n-Paws. They did a great job and I'm so grateful for their help!

  • A.P. (Pictured Above: Kenzie, Deeks, and Nell)
    A.P. (Pictured Above: Kenzie, Deeks, and Nell)

    Late December 2017/Early January 2018: Newnan GA experienced one of the coldest and longest cold snaps we've had in years. The Facebook post blew up over the holiday weekend about three kittens hopping in and out of a storm drain at a local retail shopping plaza. It did not take long for Cindy of WNP to spring into action. After her recon of the area on Saturday was complete, she went to work attempting to trap the kittens. Day 1 (Sunday morning) - she caught two kittens. Day 2 (Monday morning - New Year) - she caught kitten #3 and an adult female cat. Finally, these 8 week old little guys are out of the harsh elements and into a warm foster home. Due to the young age of the kittens, their likelihood of being socialized to humans is very good. Once they are ready, the kittens will be placed into the Newnan-Coweta Humane Society Adoption Program. And there you have it: ONE trapper, TWO animal welfare groups, and THREE kittens now in a warm home being safe, happy, and healthy!

  • Palmetto Mobile Home Park

    Over-run! Cindy with Whiskers-n-Paws came into the park and quickly and humanely trapped the cats. After getting them spay-neutered and vaccination, the cats were returned to live out their lives. We don't mind feeding them, but we just don't need any more!

  • C.H.

    I called the HELP Spay Neuter Clinic looking for some guidance on what I could do about all the cats on my property. They relayed my request to Cindy who came to visit. One Sunday evening, she set her traps and obviously knew what she was doing - catching most of the cats. After a trapping lesson from Cindy, I was able to catch the remaining two and finally, I was relieved of the heavy worry of having more kittens. Cindy was patient with us and taught us how to do our own trapping.

  • C.J.

    I was living in a small apartment complex and feeding about 11 cats. I was a loss about what to do to prevent an impending kitten explosion that I knew was coming. Fortunately, Cindy stumbled on the location through word of mouth, and in one day, trapped all the cats in one evening and returned them two days later. Ten out of the eleven cats were female. Need I say more!

  • D.S.

    Whew! Two volunteers came in and coordinated everything. Two nights and a total of 7 hours, 35 cats were caught. Within the next day or so, all cats were spayed, neutered, vaccinated, and returned to my property. I was happy to have my babies back home but thrilled that there won't be any more kittens.

  • B.H.

    It took many months to catch my 23 cats but Cindy was patient and persistent in helping me. I wasn't able help given my age and husband's health issues, but I cannot say enough good things about the care and handling of my kitties.

  • R.S.

    I was told by the property manager in the trailer park that I had to get the cats fixed that were on my property or else we would be evicted. I couldn't catch  the cats because they were wild. I called the Newnan Coweta Humane Society who forwarded the message to Cindy. She came out and assisted us and in a matter of one day, had the job done. We were so happy that we didn't have the stress of losing our home or the cats being picked up and killed at Animal Control.

  • A.M.

    I have lived in my home for over 50 years and I love my cats - all of them. Obviously, I needed to get them fixed before more kittens appeared. Cindy appeared one day in my yard and offered to help me with my colony. At age 80, I was in no condition to do the trapping myself but she came in and I helped her wrangle the cats. We got most of them and I can't thank her enough for the help.

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