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Just Play!

Tail Wagging & Feline High Fives

Our Just Play! Program helps to connect volunteers and shelter animals to the enrichment resources they need to be happy.

We aspire to teach staff and volunteers simple ways to implement enrichment activities as a part of the daily care routine. With just a few minutes every day, these animals will be able to engage their senses and at least be distracted from their confined situation even for a brief period. We think that you will notice a difference in the animal's happiness because we know that these programs are working across the country. Imagine - Dogs and cats that are behaving more like dogs and cats! And guess what? That makes the animal more adoptable! 

The typical animal shelter does their best to ensure that the animals in their custody have freedom from hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain, injury, or disease. However, when it comes to freedom to express normal behavior and freedom from fear and distress, this is where they need our help. Mental enrichment programs support the sensory needs of the animals at the municipal shelter and/or in foster care and helps to decrease the animals’ fear and stress. 

Let's be honest, what is good for humans is also good for canines and felines! This includes physical activity for fitness, mental activities to keep the mind engaged, and fun activities to enhance the human-animal bond. Simple things like playing hide and seek, reading to cats, or playing soothing music or audio books can make a world of difference to a pet who is waiting for their forever home.

Would you like to help the dogs and cats at the shelter a few hours each week?  If you're 18 or older, join our team! Check out the options on our Volunteer page!

For more fun activities, please to go to the Enrichment Ideas resource page.

Do you have a fun idea that you've used with your pet?  Submit your ideas to us below so we can share it this others or feel free to give us a call at 678-Whiskers (944-7537) or email us at

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