Frequent Questions

How Do We Trap?

We use humane traps that we have purchased through Tomahawk Live Trap. While there are many manufacturers of traps, we have found this brand to be exceptional in terms of durability and reliability. The use of the drop trap has been critical to the safe and efficient trapping of multiple cats at one time. To view the drop trap, live traps, transfer cage, please go to our "Resources" page under "How to trap a cat".

  • Whiskers-n-Paws’ Trap-Neuter-Return Program is proudly supported by the Petco Foundation.

  • The Clothes Less Traveled organization has invested $5,000 in our spay-neuter program to help dogs in Coweta County.

  • The Georgia Department of Agriculture has invested $5,000 in our Spay-Neuter program to help the citizens of Coweta-Fayette Counties spay or neuter their owned pet.

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