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Frequent Questions

I have a bunch of cats and there are kitten too, now what?

If there are kittens at the colony, it is best for them to remain with mama until around 5 weeks of age (a discussion and coaching is needed in this situation – do NOT automatically pull the kittens away from mama as she will leave and get pregnant again). While we would like to take the kittens into our cat program, it is unlikely that WNP, or any other rescue organization will be able to pull the kittens from the colony due to a lack of capacity with foster homes. If the property owner is willing to foster the kittens in their home and help find adopters, then that is a win-win for all. In the event that the kittens cannot be removed, the best plan of action is to wait until the kittens are closer to 10-12 weeks of age before TNRing them along with the other cats.

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