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Frequent Questions

I have a lot of feral cats on my property, can you help me?

Animal control officers have some very serious issues to deal with in the county and these types are situations can be resolved humanely with some education and coaching. Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) is considered the gold standard for dealing with stray/feral cats as it allows healthy cats to live out their lives in their community. Unfortunately, if the Animal Control Warden and/or County Animal Services get involved in the case, the feral cats are taken in and most often euthanized at tax payer expense. Sadly, a number of the cats that are labeled “feral” are likely someone’s lost (or dumped) pet cat and are simply just scared, displaying the same behaviors as a feral cat (hissing, swatting, dilated pupils, hiding, etc.).

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