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Why TNVR Is Important?

Trap‐Neuter‐Vaccinate-Return is the best course of action for community cats because it ends the breeding cycle and stops behaviors associated with mating such as fighting, roaming, spraying and excessive vocalizing. The TNVR program helps to stabilize and eventually decreases the number of community cats in the area. As a result, this reduces the number of cats trapped by our local animal services that senselessly intake and then kill the community cats using tax payer dollars.

It is clear through decades of hands‐on experience that TNVR is the most humane and effective method of cat population control versus archaic and outdated methods of “catch and kill”.

Additionally, returning the cats to their original location is critical in order to keep the capacity limit of the feeding station stabilized so that unsterilized newcomers don’t arrive to the area. This "phenomenon
is known as the “vacuum effect”. In other words, if a void is created by removing the original colony of cats, new cats will discover the territory, move in, and start the breeding cycle all over again. Doesn’t it make more sense to return cats that are spayed/neutered and vaccinated? We think so.

Watch this video from Alley Cat Allies.

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